You Asked, I Answered


What is your return policy?

I will accept returns if the product is faulty, but as I will check and ship everything, this shouldn't happen. As I am a small channel, I don't want to have to deal with it, so quality is paramount to me.

How do I wash a garment with heat transfer vinyl

When handling your printed garments it’s important to treat them with extra care, so you can be sure they last well and stand the test of time. 

Washing Instructions:

1. Wash and dry your items inside out.

2. Wash your garment at a low temperature, ideally 40°C or below.

3. Use mild detergents.

4. Do not add bleach or fabric softeners to the wash

5. Do not tumble dry.

6. Do not dry clean.

7. Iron inside out, avoiding the print area. 

8. Avoid drying in long periods of direct sunlight

Do you sell gift cards?

Currently, I don't sell gift cards, but this is something I am looking at in the future.

What Camera Equipment do I use

There is a video on my YouTube Channel going into detail also check the Camera Equipment page on this website. 
I use Sony, DJI cameras currently.

Why isn't Shipping Free?

As I am a very small channel the quantities, I get the merch isn't massive, therefore the price before I sell it is high and there isn't space to add in free delivery. hopefully, I can sort this out later down the line. I will add free shipping from time to time so keep your eyes peeled.

Who do I use for my clothing Merchandise?

I use a company called nivaprint and they are amazing, from the first bit of clothing it has been a flawless procedure and like me, their quality control is exceptional. 

What's with the Mail Order?

So as sales are slow, and I have big ideas there is no point in me stocking up on every line of merchandise when my supplier is so amazing and quick. 
Mail order doesn't me lesser quality or worse service, it just means a little longer wait. That's all

I don't know your brand, why is the merchandise so expensive?

As I started this brand from nothing it takes lots of time and effort 
The quantities I get the product in aren't massive which means. 
Basic Product + Branding Cost + Covering the total cost = Quite a high price and not much wiggle room.
Once the channel and brand grow the price will drop.

I want your experience to be flawless. If you have any additional questions, please get in touch.